A Message From Our Co-Founder Elena For Caregivers Awareness Month

All November long we will be sharing various stories and awareness pieces all over our social media platforms in order to bring attention to the nuanced needs of Caregivers around the world. Our hopes is to inspire others and create more conversation pieces around the real life celebrations, struggles and issues caregivers face. Read on […]

WAGS of SCI Day is November 4th

Friday, November 4th Is International WAGS of SCI Day! Why WAGS of SCI Day? In the SCI community there are plenty of days to celebrate milestones of those living with Spinal Cord Injuries. But what about the partners of those who are injured? At WAGS of SCI our mission is to highlight the celebrations, lives […]

Pain and SCI: A Root Cause Perspective

Hello all – Brooke here (hii!!)! I wanted to do a post/commentary about PAIN and PAIN MANAGEMENT with a little bit of a different perspective/spin. I have been so inspired to write this by all of your social media posts as there are so many of your partners on pain medications and navigating chronic pain. […]


November is Caregivers Awareness Month and we are launching a very special contest in order to prepare and celebrate! ENTER TO WIN a $500 CDN DATE NIGHT in YOUR Area! Generously Sponsored by Neuromotion Physiotherapy How you can win: Submit your story of what Caregivers Awareness Month means to you OR any tips or tricks […]

SCI Awareness Month Celebration!

Join us ‘WAGS style” this September all month long as we raise awareness for Spinal Cord Injury with #SCIAwarenessMonth! We are taking to Instagram @wagsofsci and our other social channels to spread the word by sharing your stories and your experiences – we find that it is important to share this as we all have […]

Caregiver Burnout (Guest Blogger)

Thank you to Wishart Brain and Spine Law for contributing this useful article about Caregiver Burnout.. yes.. its a very real, very under discussed issue in our community! Caregiver Burnout It is 6 am and your alarm clock is signaling the start of your day. There is no snooze option for you.  Long before anyone […]

Elena Surprises Her Boyfriend With.. Jamie Oliver!

I pulled off the best surprise for my boyfriend Dan, aka Quadchef By Elena Pauly, WAGS of SCI Co-Founder   Health and nutrition after spinal cord injury are so, so, so important. Sadly, the hospital systems resort heavily on sugary, supplementary “nutritional”, drinks such as Boost to help an individuals gain back weight after a […]

Sensual Solutions – Intimate Care for Adults With Disabilities

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We’ve all heard about this – and now it is becoming more accepted in society. Its called “medically assisted sex” and it’s aim is to professionally help those with severe disabilities explore sexuality with a professional. We asked Trish St.John, founder of Sensual Solutions, a company with seasoned professionals who assist individuals and couples with […]