For WAGS of SCI, SCI Awareness Month is not just about our partners.. it's about all the ways this injury can impact them as well as their loved ones and caregivers. Meet Sarah Winkelmann, a QuadWife who started losing herself after her husband's injury. Read on as she details her amazing journey back to herself!


"Wanted to share this victory because I feel like y’all are the ones who really get it 🥰🥰 It is not often that caregivers get to take time for themselves but after almost 2 years of putting myself at the end of the list I had to pick me. My health slipped away from me to ensure that Mitch’s health and care could come first. Before our planned wedding in 2021 I lost weight and was my smallest in my adult age. After his accident the weight slowly creeped on pound by pound. At my last physical I new something had to drastically change. My knees were hurting when doing proper transfers with Mitch and I was constantly tired even when I was getting sleep. My clothes were tighter and I couldn’t buy another bigger size, not that it was wrong but I knew I had to choose my health this time. 3 months ago I really put my health in first place and have lost 30 pounds since my heaviest weight so far. For me this is not about being a size small (which won’t happen and I’m okay with that) but about being comfortable, confident, and strong in my body. Mitch’s care team always told me I have to stay healthy to keep him healthy and I am finally getting there! So I took some time to enjoy some progress pictures from new Years Eve to April 14th to September 8th and 30 pounds lost along the way!" - Sarah Winkelmann

@SarahBear0502 and @WheelinWithTheWinks