Wishart Law and WAGS of SCI

WAGS of SCI is now partnered with a major law firm to bring you legal resources and assistance exclusively for the WAGS of SCI community

When our partners were first injured, both of us had no clue what to do when it came to our legal rights. We were too focused on helping our injured partners out of the acute phase of injury - we like to say it felt like we were drowning on dry land during this time. Looking back now, we needed an advocate.. a legal mind who knew what we were going through, and could help us through the process of getting what we need after the trauma of a Spinal Cord Injury.

Fast forward two years into running WAGS of SCI, we had learned so much and had received countless emails from women AND men who were dealing with SCI seeking legal resources and tips on how to fight to get what they need. We longed for someone we could connect with who did just this, but had not found that resource yet. Lets face it - SCI is very complex and not many professionals specialize in dealing with the aftermath of an injury like this.

Then one evening we attended a fundraising gala for SCI research and robotics in our city and were introduced to Robyn Wishart and her team of lawyers from Wishart Brain and Spine Law. They were co-sponsoring the event and we learned about Robyn and her teams involvement in several class action lawsuits involving CTE and the CFL and NHL.  We were intrigued and delighted - could this be the advocate we had dreamed of for our community of WAGS of SCI?

Since that day Robyn has been our nonstop advocate and resource, stepping in as the WAGS of SCI lawyer for our own personal cases. Not only that, she is now the official WAGS of SCI advocate for our members and followers legal needs - providing a much needed resource specific to SCI and TBI.

Who Is Robyn Wishart?

Robyn Wishart is a personal injury lawyer and the founder of Wishart Brain and Spine Law LLP in Vancouver BC. She has represented clients in the BC Supreme Court, and Court of Appeal since March 2001. Robyn’s practice focuses on catastrophic and complex personal injury cases, as well as insurance litigation.

Currently, Robyn continues to study and teach neuroscience and its application to law, storytelling, and decision-making to trial lawyers across North America. Her unique and successful application of the law is what sets her apart from other complex personal injury lawyers

For the first 7 years of her practice Robyn represented some of the largest insurance companies including Lloyds of London. Robyn is a highly respected trial consult lawyer in both Canada and the United States. Robyn is an internationally sought-after speaker and teacher who presents at prestigious events across the U.S. and Canada.  She is also an ongoing speaker for the Medical Legal Tool Kit, a series of courses designed to help medical professionals navigate medical legal work.


Most notably, Robyn is the first Canadian to teach and lead civil advocacy workshops at the Ultimate Trial College at Harvard University Law School. She currently sits on the National College of Advocacy Board and is a member of the Leaders Forum.

Robyn’s holistic law approach means that she believes to have the best recovery possible, you need to address your legal claim, and both your physical and mental wellbeing. She wants you to live your life, not your claim.

How Can Robyn Help You and Your Partner?

Robyn and her team have partnered with WAGS of SCI to provide a much needed resource for the SCI community. They can not only can assist you with filing a claim specific to your injury, but are skilled in many other aspects of advocacy for their clients including:

  • Navigating insurance and benefits paperwork - get the most from your specific policy or claim
  • Helping with home support, and home adaptation resources
  • Setting up medical appointments with key doctors and specialists

Robyn and her team also constantly ensure that her clients are doing ok mentally and emotionally.

If you're interested in speaking to Robyn directly about questions to do with your specific case or claim, email her directly HERE or click on the link below to learn more about her and her team

Ready to find out more?

Contact Robyn and her team today to see if she can assist you. Your consultation is always FREE so contact her today and don't forget to mention the WAGS of SCI!

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