Join Us On March 24th Wherever You Are, Virtually!

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It's that time of year again! The 4th annual WAGS of SCI Self Care Walk/Run 5k is happening Sunday, March 24th and it's time to start preparing!

Get in shape and be accountable to your own Self Care, while raising funds for yourself AND your community of WAGS of SCI.


NEW incentive income opportunity this year available to WAG Team Leaders (Ask Us!)

All funds raised will go to WAGS of SCI to help us with initiatives like Date Nights, Mental and Emotional Wellness Packages for women in this community. These funds will also allow us to continue to send our marketing materials and pamphlets to Rehab Centres and Clinics around North America to reach new WAGS of SCI who need help.

WAGS of SCI is not a foundation. We are a grassroots, community and relationship based network that supports women who have partners with Spinal Cord Injuries and need help NOW. 100% of all funds raised go directly to the WAGS themselves and the group, without any going to admin costs normally associated with other foundations. We do all our fundraising efforts on public platforms for transparency and accountability. We have been passionate about this since 2017 when we started WAGS, but in order to keep going, we need your help!

With last year's funds raised we were able to send 50 WAGS $100 and $200 Date Nights, give away Self Care Packages to women with partners in the hospital, sent off brochure packages to 30 hospitals and rehab centres around Canada/United States, and supported WAGS behind the scenes who needed immediate financial relief. 

WAGS: You can feel good about supporting your girl gang and this community you love

DONORS: You can directly contribute funds to your favourite WAG's team of choice, or, donate to the group as a whole.




Courtesy of The Wellness Compass by WAG of SCI Alice Wilde

Designed specifically by a WAG of SCI, for WAGS of SCI! This beautiful guide will help you get in shape, help with motivation, create time for self care and affirmations, and more!

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WAGS of SCI Self Care Walk Run 2024
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