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We are women who have partners with Spinal Cord Injuries. When everyone else goes home to their own lives, we are the ones that are still there. Our unique caregiver/lover dynamic can only be truly understood by others like us. We are creating a strong network of women around the world supporting other women who are dealing with this injury alongside their men.


We have formed a meet up and support group exclusively for Wives/Girlfriends of men who have sustained a Spinal Cord Injury, where we can discuss our experiences and learn from one another. Our #1 goal is to provide outreach in our communities to ensure that we are there for women who are new to this life. We believe in creating a community of support, friendship and love with no judgements. We believe in the power of "in person" connection and friendship. We also function to connect women in dual role relationships with others close to them!


Our unique roll as a caregiver AND lover is a challenging but rewarding dynamic. Our role is something not many people can understand, unless you have or are living this lifestyle. We found that when we connected in person with those who were like us, we felt a sense of relief and sisterhood that was unexplainable and desperately needed. The resources and insight that other WAGS of SCI have for one another is essential. We are the ones who are there when everyone goes home, back to their own lives, back to their own normal. We see the things others don't. We have a vulnerability with our partners that cannot be duplicated. We live this life alongside our partners, and are committed to providing community and outreach to women like us in a positive, constructive and resourceful way. We CHOOSE this life, and love our partners for who they are, regardless of any disability.



WAGS of SCI was founded by Elena Pauly and Brooke Pagé in Vancouver BC Canada. Both Elena and Brooke's partners had sustained recent Spinal Cord Injuries and the women felt very alone in their new lives as girlfriends and caregivers of men with sudden, life changing injuries. After a chance meeting over instagram, they soon realized they lived just blocks away from one another. After developing a friendship and relishing in their newfound sisterhood, the women decided that they never wanted anther woman in their shoes to feel alone again. They began WAGS of SCI by starting an instagram account in November 2017 and hosting events around their city - and the rest is history. Since then they have met women from all over the world, and connected thousands of other women with one another who are in similar inter-abled relationships. The group also functions to spread knowledge and awareness surrounding relationships and spinal cord injuries. Both Elena and Brooke work tirelessly to be advocates for their followers as well as doing outreach for the WAGS of SCI cause.

The longer term goals of the WAGS of SCI are to eventually to start a non profit foundation catering to spreading awareness of the mental, emotional and physical needs of women in inter-abled relationships, as well as raising money to send deserving couples on romantic trips they otherwise couldn't afford.

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Brooke Pagé

B.Comm, PGDip

Co - Founder, WAGS of SCI

Vancouver BC, Canada

My husband (boyfriend at the time) Evan was injured in a work accident when a load of unsecured flooring fell on his head, breaking his neck at the C4 level in 2014. Since then I have been devoted full time to his care, as well as helping to find a new normal for us as a couple. After his injury we decided that nothing would hold us back, and decided to get married abroad in Italy in 2016. We have continued to travel the world whenever we can, and refuse to let our limitations hold us back. I am the marketing voice behind WAGS of SCI and enjoy technology and design. I have a BA in Marketing Communications from Simon Fraser University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations, also from SFU. I enjoy using my educational background to help facilitate WAGS marketing campaigns

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Elena Pauly

B.A. (Soc/Psych)

Co - Founder, WAGS of SCI

Vancouver, BC Canada

My boyfriend Dan was injured on our first out of country, tropical vacation to Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba on January 2, 2016. He dove into the shallow end of pool and broke his C5 and became a quadriplegic on the spot. Dan had surgery in Cuba before being air lifted home. Dan and I packed up our entire lives, sold his home and moved to Vancouver B.C. Dan and I are very involved in our community and have have found our place in Vancouver.  I love the social and event aspects of WAGS of SCI, and specialize in PR, media/community relations and outreach for the group. I completed my Bachelor of Arts education in Sociology and Psychology from The University Of The Fraser Valley, and bring my love of facilitating and building human connections to all the work we do


WAGS of SCI founders Brooke Pagé and Elena Pauly have been leading this community for over 6 years now and leverage their experience and insights to help others understand caregivers and the community as a whole.

Brooke and Elena are both university graduates, and their combined specialties and education in Communications, Media, Research, Public Relations, Sociology and Psychology have given them a strong background to build, develop and lead WAGS of SCI.

Whether it is presentations, panels, research publications or speaking engagements, their experience can lend a hand to any business or awareness campaign. The women have been featured on panels for UBC, SCI BC, The Washington Post, and the Kessler Institute Foundation. To learn more about their endeavours and how they can help your company, visit the education and consulting page here.


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We don't want any wife or girlfriend of SCI to ever feel alone! We have devoted our lives to raising awareness and connecting women with one another around the world. If you have questions, want to be connected with others in your city, are interested in contributing to our cause, or just need to talk, email us anytime!