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Technology + Tools

Emma Nichols explains how technology and adaptive devices bring hope and independence to her "new normal life" with her injured husband

Sports + Disability

Abby Austin writes about how getting involved with wheelchair sports has changed her and her partners life post Spinal Cord Injury for the better.

Dealing With Family

Caitriona Daly explains how to effectively work with your partners family when sudden a Spinal Cord Injury happens to your partner and they become bigger parts of your life.

Intimacy + Conception After SCI

Chantelle Farrugia talks about her experience with intimacy and conception after her partners Spinal Cord Injury

Things People Say

Serena Siu Johnston uses her talent for art and design to convey a visual commentary on the most common things people say to her and her partner.

Proper Positioning + Seating

As an Occupational Therapist and someone who is dating a Quadriplegic, Megan DeMott has a lot of helpful information about proper positioning to prevent sores!

Conceiving Naturally After SCI - One Quadwife's Journey To Motherhood

My husband is a C3, C4, C5 incomplete quadriplegic and it’s been nearly 15 years since his injury. After we got married, we didn’t know what our journey to getting pregnant would look like with his paralysis. I’m happy to report, he and I were able to conceive on our own without IVF, but with a little help of course

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The SCI Nutritionist: #QuadWife and Registered Dietician Fatimah Fakhoury Specializes in Nutrition Post SCI

We are very excited to have Fatimah as a Resource in our community! How many of you feel lost when it comes to not only your partners diets post SCI, but YOURS as well? Food IS fuel, and using it properly without buying into the media's brainwashing or falling for the latest diet trend is hard! Learn more about Fatimah and her specializations here

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The Not Soon Enough Trip - Travelling Cancun

Follow QuadWife Rachel and her fiancé Jay as they navigate their first trip to Mexico post injury!

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A Day In The Life Of A WAG of SCI And Her Para Boyfriend In London

Follow Bianca and her paraplegic boyfriend Thomas as she gives us a peek into their daily lives as a busy working inter-abled couple in London!

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Planning A Wedding

As Ashley prepares to marry her quadriplegic fiancé Kiel, read about their journey as a couple as she searches for her dream accessible wedding venue!

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Home Modifications For Accessibility

Rachael and her husband were lucky enough to find a ranch property for them to live in post-accident that left her husband a C5 Quad - but it needed more renovations to make it suitable. Read on for details on their renovation journey!

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Parenting WIth An Injured Partner

Read some parenting advice from Brittany Wilson and her experience parenting two small children with her quad partner!

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Top Tips For How You Can Help Him Workout/Stretch

The staff at Adapt Movement, specialists in exercise based SCI recovery programs in San Diego, have put together their most important exercises and stretching techniques YOU can assist your partner with! Thank you ADAPT!