An Open Letter For Caregiver Policy Change

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As many of you already know, WAGS of SCI is heavily involved in caregivers rights and advocacy We are located in Vancouver, BC Canada, and have recently met with our MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) in the BC Government in order to advocate for paid spousal and common law caregiver support. The result of that […]

Accessible Date Ideas For Couples Staying Home

“Date” Day (and Night) Ideas For Couples Staying In! With all the chaos and panic happening in the world these past few months surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us in the SCI community are laying low and staying cautious. A lot of us are self isolating and informing ourselves on what we can do […]

Pandemic or the SCI Life

By Elena Pauly, Co-Founder, WAGS of SCI   For the first time in a long time, our planet is moving through a major shift. The quickness of it all is coming to a quick stillness. It feels as though last week, we were all moving through our daily lives monotonously. Going to work, grocery shopping, […]

What Are Your Feelings Trying To Tell You In Times Of Turmoil?

Hi WAGS! It’s Brooke here 🙂 I know its been a long time since we have posted anything on this blog, and that’s going to change. Elena and I are going to start posting more frequently on here and sharing our thoughts with you all because it’s important during this time of turmoil in the […]

Kassandra Jensen + Eric Howk

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Meet Kassandra and Eric, from Seattle! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Eric and I first met. It was sometime in Seattle in 2005. There was never a formal meeting or anything specific that we can recall; we simply floated in the same social pools and lived in the same neighborhoods. He was a musician […]

Caregivers Awareness Month: Ashley + Kiel’s Wedding

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Ashley Kurtz Eagan is the WAGS of SCI Ambassador in Philadelphia Kiel and I began planning our wedding a few months after our engagement. After some searching we found the most perfect venue. It was 100% accessible and just a perfect fit for is both. In a small town like ours it was few and […]