We've all heard about this - and now it is becoming more accepted in society. Its called "medically assisted sex" and it's aim is to professionally help those with severe disabilities explore sexuality with a professional. We asked Trish St.John, founder of Sensual Solutions, a company with seasoned professionals who assist individuals and couples with things like intimacy coaching, cuddling, sensual massage, and tantra among other "taboo" things, to write up some information for our website.

Read and learn, and let us know what you think! Would Trish's services be something you would consider in your relationship? Make sure you watch the feature done on Vice about this subject at the end of the article.


By Trish St. John, Founder of Sensual Solutions Intimate Care

I remember being in the sixth grade and learning the basics about our bodies. There was a differently-abled girl in my class and she was removed from the class each time. It made me feel bad; and if it made me feel bad, how did she feel?  I'm sure it was done with good Intentions on the teacher's part but the world has changed dramatically. Where is the social justice that leaves PWD in the dark, isolated from proper information, and restricted from feeling desirable and loved?  People with disabilities get horny too and want romance and love.
Sensual Solutions was created in 2011 with a very unique business model and service. Our coaches assist adult men, women and couples, including LGBTQ2S, to access their bodies and minds for pleasure. This new field of facilitated sexual health, specifically designed for PWD, has been on the rise around the world. Sensual Solutions is the only such organization in Canada.
Clients have come from across Canada and the USA  for assistance and education . Coaches have helped adult men, women, and couples, all with physical disabilities ranging from sci to cerebral palsy, MS, stroke, and so on. Coaches visit homes, hotels, group and assisted living homes and hospitals. We receive ongoing gratitude from our clients, parents of adult children with disabilities, therapists, and doctors. We must be doing something right!
Next month is the 10th anniversary of Sensual Solutions. Plans are to continue service as soon as safely possible, as well as creating a certification process for Facilitated Sexual Health practitioners. Expansion to other cities and advocacy continues to be a top priority as we need our politicians. lawyers, and lawmakers to ensure Federal law allows for PWD to access their bodies. At this point in time, it does not. Alnother goal iis to enhance the education of personal care aides and home attendants to be sex-positive and supportive about the sexual health of their clients. What are your thoughts?
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide service until Covid19 is resolved or there are safety options available such as stronger safety measures or a vaccine.
Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook and help spread the word. To learn more about Sensual Solutions,, click on the VICE link to see a short documentary from VICE New York.
Pleasure without apology!
Trish St John, Founder &
Director of Pleasure
Trish will be on the Sunday morning panel 'Facilitated Sex & Intimacy" and she is the only Canadian on the roster. 48 speakers from six countries addressing all the facets of sexual health and disability. No one will be turned away due to financial constraints. Lots of free tickets. Check it out and share the link.