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Pain and SCI: A Root Cause Perspective

Hello all – Brooke here (hii!!)! I wanted to do a post/commentary about PAIN and PAIN MANAGEMENT with a little bit of a different perspective/spin. I have been so inspired to write this by all of your social media posts as there are so many of your partners on pain medications and navigating chronic pain. […]

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Elena Surprises Her Boyfriend With.. Jamie Oliver!

I pulled off the best surprise for my boyfriend Dan, aka Quadchef By Elena Pauly, WAGS of SCI Co-Founder   Health and nutrition after spinal cord injury are so, so, so important. Sadly, the hospital systems resort heavily on sugary, supplementary “nutritional”, drinks such as Boost to help an individuals gain back weight after a […]

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Pandemic or the SCI Life

By Elena Pauly, Co-Founder, WAGS of SCI   For the first time in a long time, our planet is moving through a major shift. The quickness of it all is coming to a quick stillness. It feels as though last week, we were all moving through our daily lives monotonously. Going to work, grocery shopping, […]

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