WAGS of SCI's Founders Elena Pauly and Brooke Pagé Visit Victoria To Speak With The Staff And Clients Of Neuromotion Physiotherapy!

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September 19th was a great day for the WAGS of SCI! We journeyed to Victoria BC, our own capital city - to give a presentation about the group to the staff and clients of Neuromotion Physiotherapy. We took the Ferries over to picturesque Victoria with our partners Evan and Dan, and made the speaking engagement a reason to explore the city and enjoy a night out as couples!

Neuromotion have been supporters of the WAGS of SCI message since the very beginning, and we were honoured to be invited to speak to their group about the challenges we face as partners to Quadriplegics. We discussed how we founded the group, information about our mission and advocacy, as well as our Ambassadors located around the world.

The event went so well, and we are very thankful for all who came out to hear about WAGS! A special thank you to Pauline, Joan and the Victoria staff of Neuromotion for putting this together and promoting it for us! Spreading awareness is so important, and having them on our team is something we are very thankful for.

Thank you Neuromotion! - Brooke and Elena