Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Ribbon - Lime Green

It's September and that means it's Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month!

This year the WAGS of SCI are doing their part to be part of the story: by spreading awareness OUR style, as caregivers AND partners of those with spinal cord injuries. As women dealing with this injury alongside their partners, we have a unique and powerful voice that needs to be heard.

That's why we have launched #WAGSWednesday, an idea brought to us by a fellow WAG, Brittany Wilson (@thewanderingwilsons on instagram) as a way to share OUR stories and tips, tricks or advice online in a collaborative way with other WAGS. We thought Spinal Cord Injury awareness month would be the absolute best time to launch this initiative!

Each Wednesday, we will be posting about a certain topic in our community, but from our perspective as a caregiver and partner to someone with an SCI. We are asking that each week on Wednesdays, you as WAGS of SCI follow our lead and post your OWN feedback, advice or thoughts on the topic of the week which we will share every Wednesday. Use the hashtag #WAGSWednesday and #SCIAwarenessMonth in your posts and stories, and TAG us so we can repost them. Our goal is to initiate the spread of SCI awareness from our eyes- something that the world hasn’t seen enough of.. yet. We are looking forward to seeing your posts starting September 4th.

We hope that this SCI awareness month can be FULL of YOUR stories - as caregivers and women we have powerful voices and it’s time they’re heard.

Wear Your Love For SCI Awareness Month

This month the WAGS of SCI team has released limited edition graphics for your own personal use! By putting one of these graphics as your profile photo, or using one to post on your pages for SCI Awareness, you're helping to spread love and awareness in your own way.

WAGS of SCI Slider Image Template Website

Choose I LOVE a #Quad or I LOVE a #Para Graphics For SCI Awareness Below. Click On Each Photo To Expand:

We also have limited edition merchandise available for SCI Awareness month in the form of our premium white t shirts! Available in sizes SMALL-2XL in women's sizes. If you wish to purchase one, please email us at wagsofsci@gmail.com!