Vasso and Dimitri live in New York City

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"Dimitri and I grew up just a couple of blocks away from one another. Our families knew each other & he did martial arts with my older brother's during his childhood, yet we didn't meet for the first time until 6 years ago.

Flash forward to April 2014, we met by chance at church the night before Easter. He came to say hello to my brothers who he hadn't seen in years and that's when he introduced himself to me. There were sparks instantly.

Prior to his paralysis, he had on again, off again back pain. The night before the injury, we were out to dinner and enjoying a beautiful summer night. 8 am the next morning he collapsed and couldn't move his legs. The MRI taken at the hospital found a mass in the imaging that turned out to be a spontaneous hematoma that compressed his spinal cord, which left him a T4 complete.

It's been a little over 3 years since the injury & we still don't have an answer as to what caused it. All we can do now is try and live day-by-day dealing with on going issues that continue to be unsolved.

This injury made our relationship and love grow beyond I thought possible. It has brought us closer together and we've learned so much more about one another through this journey, then when we were an able bodied couple and I could not imagine a life without my superman by my side." - Vasso

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