Join us 'WAGS style" this September all month long as we raise awareness for Spinal Cord Injury with #SCIAwarenessMonth!

We are taking to Instagram @wagsofsci and our other social channels to spread the word by sharing your stories and your experiences - we find that it is important to share this as we all have our own unique perspective about what this month means to us. As partners of people who have Spinal Cord Injuries, our views of this life and experience can draw a whole new light to this injury. It's important to continue to use our voices and highlight all there is to know about SCI


Available for this month only, we are selling our original designs with the classic green ribbon so we can wear our pride and our love.

T shirts are mens sized for the baggier look, made with super soft material - they hang perfectly. Each one is $40 USD and include shipping to your location - 100% of the proceeds go back into the WAGS of SCI group. So show your support now in true WAGS fashion and order by emailing us


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