WAGS of SCI Day 2022

Friday, November 4th Is International WAGS of SCI Day!

Why WAGS of SCI Day?

In the SCI community there are plenty of days to celebrate milestones of those living with Spinal Cord Injuries. But what about the partners of those who are injured?

At WAGS of SCI our mission is to highlight the celebrations, lives and issues around the women who stand next to their partners living with life changing Spinal injuries. We provide much needed support to women all over the world who feel like there are very few supports available to those living this life as a WAG. For the pre-injury WAGS: we all remember what it was like to have our partners going through the system of ICU and Rehab and be there, but not really seen as "there". We were/are the invisible support who is THERE when the nurses, doctors, friends and family goes home at the end of the day. We stand our ground and fight for our partners, even when we ourselves are drowning. We advocate and step out in front in order to ensure our partners are supported, and, fight the system to get what they and WE need.

Of course, we, as WAGS of SCI, need a DAY to celebrate our roles, our lives and bring awareness to our community.

How To Celebrate (for the WAGS):

There really is no specific way to celebrate this day, except to allocate some time for yourself doing something unique to you that YOU love. Everyone is so different, but this day is all about celebrating you and what you DO. What brings you joy? What calms you down? What puts a smile on your face? Do THAT on November 4th.

How to Celebrate (For The Partners):

You know inside how incredibly grateful you are for the support and love your WAG brings to your life: she is unique, kind and resilient. You two have been through so much together. She accepts you as you ARE not who society wants you to be. Now, how can you show her your love and gratitude for her being HER in a unique and special way on November 4th? It could be ordering takeout; it could be a flower and a card; it could be just sitting still together and relishing in your love; it could be a trip, or dinner, or even a movie night in. However YOU choose to celebrate your unique WAG, we can tell you from experience that just a thoughtful acknowledgement is enough. Bring your personality and relationship style to the table, and show her how much you love being a partner to a WAG of SCI 🙂

We are wishing EVERYONE in our community a happy WAGS of SCI Day, and are so very much looking forward to hearing about your celebrations.