Elena, co founder of WAGS of SCI, and her boyfriend Dan were recently treated to backstage passes at the BC Place concert of Portugal The Man! We are SO grateful to PTM's guitarist Eric Howk for facilitating a night to remember for them - and a special thank you to Kassandra for making it all happen and for paying it forward for your WAGS of SCI Sisters.


The duo spent the night listening to great music, enjoying the backstage area with the band, and making new friends! Read on for Elena's experience and some photos of the night out!

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One of our biggest missions for WAGs of SCI is to celebrate love and relationships. But the realization that date nights aren’t always feasible and can be very costly is something us WAGs have to consider on top of medical costs, time, energy and our partners physical health to name a few. The outside world isn’t always as receptive or accommodating to spinal cord injury and many times, we take chances and go through obstacles to find an accessible venue to have a date night at.

You may have seen lately, we have kickstarted a new, grassroots initiative to collect funds for our WAGs and their partners to be able to also have a date night out without the burden of costs and accessibility. You can catch us picking up cans and bottles any day of the week if that means giving back to our community- YOU! Our GoFundMe and all sales from our Merchandise on our Wesbite http://www.wagsofsci.com -do this also.

Our amazing fellow WAG of SCI Kassandra pulled some strings and set Dan and I up with this incredibly fun date night where we truly felt loved and seen by Eric Howk with Portugal. The Man last night. .

This is the sort of love and community we strive to build for each and every single one of you. To be heard and seen. Thank you for being a part of something so much larger than we can ever image. Together- we can break stereotypes and bulldoze boundaries. Together we are a powerful community that will never stop fighting for your rights as individuals who all deserve love and relationship. - Elena Pauly

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