WAGS of SCI Google Home Image

We are so excited to be part of this amazing campaign for creating more access to Smart Home technology for our community!

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation has partnered with Google Nest to give away 100,000 Google Home Minis to caregivers AND their partners! Until August 13th 2019, get your FREE mini by visiting this link and qualifying. They will then ship you your very own Mini.

The great part about a Smart Home is the ease of access. Controlling things like lights, music, news, weather reports, schedules and tasks with your voice can provide a great amount of independence to our partners who have spinal cord injuries and may not be able to do these things alone. They also provide US with some assistance - hey, we are all for anything that makes our lives easier to balance and more convenient!

Thank you to the Reeve Foundation for this amazing partnership and for highlighting the technology needs of our community so well.

Brooke and Elena 

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP AND GET YOUR FREE GOOGLE MINI! (Available to US Residents Only at this time)