Lori and Rob are from Surrey, British Columbia Canada!

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"Hi my name is Lori and I have been with my wonderful husband Rob for many years.

In July of 2014 we were on route to our annual camping trip to meet up with friends and family when our accident occurred flipping our vehicle and trailer many times and throwing our dog Marley from the vehicle and trapping us , lucky for us a kind person searched for and found Marley.

As for Rob and I we didn’t get away so easy , I had a dislocated jaw , smashed ribs , multiple cuts bruises and such but the longest to recover from is my brain injury but I work hard on it every day . Robs injuries were varied and more severe including a spinal cord injury leaving him a C4-C5 quadriplegic after almost a year of hospitalization and then rehab Rob came home .

I am sure some of our story is similar to all of yours as in having to move homes to accommodate wheelchair access , selling our business that we could no longer operate and buying equipment just to make life at home possible.

Rob and I have always been socially active people and are always trying to find new ways to socialize as we no longer have access to all homes of friends .
Rob is a super positive guy that laughs , sings and jokes daily , He volunteers at our local hospital as a peer mentor and does visitation.

Rob plays Boccia and hangs out with our 3 grandchildren. I am so great full that we are still her to make more memories.
Some days are hard , but like any life there are also joyful ones." - Lori

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