WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast - Ep. 47 - TABOO TOPIC: We Interview Trish St John- Founder Of 'Sensual Solutions', The Facilitated Sex Agency For People With Disabilities

What exactly is ‘facilitated sex’? As part of our TABOO TOPIC podcast series, we interview the founder of a facilitated sex agency for people (and couples) with disabilities called Sensual Solutions, based in Vancouver BC Canada. This company enjoys a certain level of notoriety, and was even featured on Vice in 2016 as part of their sexual health series.

Trish St John has always considered herself a champion and advocate for the “underdog” ever since she witnessed a disabled student in her high school class being removed from the room when sexual health and body parts were being discussed. She wondered why people with disabilities and their sexual health was often ignored and overlooked?

Fast forward 30 years and Trish was retired from the finance industry, and wanted a part time job doing something completely different to keep her busy. She stumbled upon a job as a dispatcher for a high end escort agency, where she answered phones and screened clients. Very soon she realized that there was a huge niche community that was being overlooked: the disabled community. Trish would receive calls from parents of disabled people, caregivers, and people with severe disabilities like Spinal Cord Injuries looking to book a session with an escort in a safe space to explore their sexuality. Trish realized that the needs of these clients couldn’t be met in a traditional agency setting.. there was little understanding of their needs, and some requests like cuddling, sexual intimacy coaching, and kissing, were not accommodated. From there, Trish realized there was a need for an agency with qualified “coaches” to assist disabled clients with their sexuality. And so Sensual Solutions was born…

Join us as we interview Trish and learn more about what makes Sensual Solutions unique, the mission of the company, what exactly they do for clients, who works for them and what qualifications are needed for the role of a “Coach”. Do these coaches have sex with their clients? What about fetishes? Do they have inter-abled couples as clients and do they do threesomes? What about education and assistance?

We also discuss legislative regulations and roadblocks that prevent her company from being a legitimate “facilitated sex service” that is not grouped in with illegal sex agencies. How has this company dealt with the pandemic? What does the future look like for Facilitated Sex Workers? And More… You will NOT want to miss this “taboo” topic where we clear up misconceptions, and dig deep into the underground world of paid-for sex and disabilities.

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