WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast - Ep. 30 - Charisma Jamison on Loving Cole, Equality, Self Care + Living Life On Your Own Terms

One of the very first women Brooke and Elena connected with after starting the WAGS of SCI group was Charisma Jamison, a young woman from Virginia who had just started dating a Quadriplegic named Cole. Fast forward 2 years and they are now hugely successful Vloggers, running the YouTube account “Roll With Cole And Charisma” that now has a worldwide following. They got engaged last year and are now set to marry this coming weekend!

Throughout her relationship with Cole, Charisma has learned a lot about advocacy, equality and how to live her life on HER own terms. She has developed a thick skin, and learned to turn negative comments and assumptions about her relationship into fuel for her own fire of success. Her struggles have only allowed her to grow into an even stronger woman, caregiver and equality advocate.

Join hosts Brooke and Elena as they talk to Charisma about her love for Cole, their plans for the future, what they do for fun, how she deals with negativity, and her tips for how she balances life as a primary caregiver and fiancé. The women then dig into an honest and open discussion around marriage and disability equality, caregivers rights, and the importance of self care.

Charisma is a woman on fire, and with the world at her feet, this humble beauty is a true inspiration to all people who cross paths with her. As she moves forward with a new home, a flourishing career, and a new husband, Charisma continues to shine a refreshing light on what its like to live life to the fullest regardless of what obstacles you may face.

**Episode update: This podcast episode was recorded in the summer of 2020, and since the recording, Charisma and Cole have moved into their dream accessible home in Virginia! You can follow Charisma on Instagram at @happilycharisma or you can follow her and Cole on their Youtube Channel “Roll With Cole And Charisma” where they now have over 500.000 subscribers!

This episode is sponsored by Wishart Brain and Spine Law, specializing in Spinal Cord Injury/Traumatic Brain Injury and Personal Injury cases. Robyn Wishart and her team are proud to be trusted advocates for the WAGS of SCI community. Learn more about what Robyn is doing to help the WAGS of SCI here!

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