WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast - Ep. 27 - Remembering Rehab: How The $&#@ Did We Survive?

For many of us WAGS of SCI, remembering our partners time in rehabilitation is hard to do and brings up many emotions we would like to forget. This episode of the Podcast is all about reminiscing about OUR time during the months our quadriplegic partners were in in-patient rehab at the same facility, only two years apart. We look back and wonder.. how the &#$@ did we survive those days?

Often during rehabilitation there are ample resources for the injured person – yet, we as their partners often felt like we were ignored.. in the background.. and that our feelings were not valid. After all, isn’t he the injured one? Why would OUR feelings matter! So we cover them up.. hide them..cry in our cars…and are unable to express them in a healthy way.

The feelings we experienced during his time in rehab literally made us feel like we were going crazy.. those ups and downs with no one to talk to and no mental/emotional support available to us made us wonder.. is this what our life is going to look like now??

Join us (Brooke and Elena) as we discuss some personal (and often insane) stories from our time in rehab with our partners: what we learned, what we would tell women who are enduring this experience alongside their partners now, and how your lowest of lows can pave the way for immense personal growth.

You are NOT alone. The WAGS who are new to this life – this is for you.

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