WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast - Ep. 26 - Temperature Regulation: Transitioning From Hot To Cold Seasons

Living life with a partner who has a Spinal Cord Injury can present many challenges – but one of the biggest issues a couple can face is handling warm and cold temperatures.. and what they can do to his body. One of the many complications of having an impacted nervous system is that our partners’ lose the ability to regulate their own internal body temperatures. This can prove to be disastrous during hot months, and in colder ones can prove just as risky to their overall health…. making it extra challenging for caregivers and partners to assist with.

Join hosts Elena and Brooke as they discuss transitioning from Summer to Fall/Winter, and their experiences with their quadriplegic partners in hot and cooler climates. Learn from their mistakes, and how to identify the warning signs of a “too hot” or “too cold” nervous system after SCI.

The hosts then discuss things like how to prepare for the winter months to avoid “the shakes”, and what items they personally swear by to help their quadriplegic partners maintain their warmth in winter months.

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Items mentioned in this episode:

Elena and Dan’s multi-temperature heating pad – a variety of settings for quads with reduced sensation

Dan’s cozy socks for staying warm at home (non compression)

Brooke and Evan’s favourite Merino Wool clothing brand. High quality breathable Base Layers that help to regulate quad body temperatures in hot or cold weather using sustainable merino from New Zealand

Evan’s favourite: Shower Steamer by Rocky Mountain Barber Co. Goes in the shower to blast you with aromatherapy steam!

Sigvaris Merino Wool compression socks for winter months – breathable and odour resistant