Meet Melysse + Kyle from Pueblo, Colorado

"Kyle and I met in 2011 at a bar, when we were both living in Hawaii. Classy! We moved back to the mainland and settled in Breckenridge Colorado and were married in 2012. Kyle was riding his dirt bike and hit a tree, fracturing his c4 vertebrae in May 2018. He had been riding alone, and laid paralyzed for over 3 hours before someone found him. He spent 3 weeks in the surgical ICU where they told me he would never breathe on his own, or move anything from the neck down. He moved to Craig Hospital where he weened off of the ventilator almost immediately. He continues to make progress and hopes to be in his side whip (manual chair) some day. This injury sucks and it’s hard but it also saved us from a life not being lived. We realized we were working our lives away and not appreciating what we have. We definitely have hard days but we are happier than ever." - Melysse