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My parents always taught me the importance of love, union and respect. Even though they mentioned HOW AMAZING THAT FELT for them! I have never thought that I was able to feel that after having so many traumatic relationships. BUT I was wrong, I’m 26 years old Venezuelan who decided to give a chance to love, and It all started when this man right here opened his heart to me and showed me what love feels like. I have to admit this experience was lovely but different like learning so many things to understand such a painful yet beautiful injure. Why beautiful? Because I have learned another perspective on how to live and love life.

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To my surprise this man, NOW MY HUSBAND who’s in a wheelchair, decided to not only stand the entire time in our wedding ceremony (March 22nd), but also made sure to practice days before just to see me smile and make me feel special.

John LeMoine is a Disabled Veteran who decided to take life one day at the time, even when life was giving him reasons to stop. He didn’t only stand the ENTIRE ceremony but he stands every day for our love and relationship, he is the reason I’m sane today he is the reason I believe in love and I feel loved. You might think: “oh 15 minutes standing on a wedding ceremony is nothing”, Not for a quadriplegic! When the date of our wedding arrived, I was excited and nervous but happy to know he was waiting for me at the end of the walk, and that he will always wait for me and be there the rest of my life. John standing is only one of the huge things he has done for me but it’s one of the most meaningful and unforgettable action he has ever done. This only showed me, and everyone else that love can make EVERYTHING possible and that love is beautiful in ANY form. - Maria

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