Maria is originally from Venezuela, but now lives with her husband in Georgia


How often do you trash the gloves and plastic bags that come with those single use catheters? Probably never ? or maybe every single time? 

My husband is a C6 Incomplete Quad and I couldn’t help myself but to find ways to reuse medical supplies that we no longer need.. how? Simple! They are many countries, places and even organizations that are in need of things to run their medical services. what a better way to use our hero’s single use catheters gloves and bags to help to solve their problem, and at the same time reuse and recycle ?  This can be done by just searching for the closest orphanage on your town, or maybe the refugee in the next city or even shipping them to less fortunate countries. 


This is what We do : 

  • medicine bottles: I collect mine and my husbands and use them as a craft container, hair pins container for when I travel or inside my handbag and even for fishing hooks when my husband go camping in Maine.
  • Gloves: I was born in venezuela and I’m so lucky to have contacts there that are helping hospitals, health organizations, less fortunate. We do this often since my family visits and I have the chance to send bags and boxed filled with them. For example: Last week 1 box of those gloves was send to venezuela to doctors who are currently in the Amazon doing  surgery to help 20 kids with cleft lips.  
  • Blue Matt or paper: I also get to send this back home (venezuela) and give them to dentist that are helping hospitals and kids with less opportunities. 

Im 100% sure that I’m not the only one who’s been thinking what to do with all this extra medical supplies and trust me there are many uses we just have to find them. 

If any of my wags sisters would like to send or donate a box to venezuela feel free to contact me I’m more than welcome to share the info.