WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast - Ep. 76 - Chemicals In Sunscreens + Household Products: What This Means For People With SCI And Their Partners

Join hosts Elena and Brooke as they discuss the hidden chemicals in sunscreens as well as household products like cleaners, disinfectants and more. Why and how does this affect people with SCI who have compromised nervous systems? What about their partners and caregivers? Inform yourself with how household chemicals affect not only your endocrine and nervous systems, kidneys, hormones, reproductive health and more.

This episode is not meant to create fear, it’s meant to inform and educate all of you so we can make the best choices possible for ourselves and our families. The more you know……

Listen as the women cite peer-reviewed medical research publications, their own experiences, and some brands they use in order to educate and discuss the problems these chemicals can cause on an already compromised stressed out system.

Have a question about anything in this episode? Email us wagsofsci@gmail.com we are always available.

Products Mentioned In This Episode: Earth Rated Unscented Pet Cleaner; Nature Clean Non Chlorine Bleach; Pink Solution Cleaners; Norwex Cleaners; Attitude Cleaners; Thymol Disinfectant by Innuscience; EWG Database for Products

This episode is sponsored proudly by Robyn Wishart and her team at Wishart Brain and Spine Law. Robyn has worked behind the scenes with the WAGS of SCI community for over 3 years now helping to advocate and support women and their partners affected by SCI. With over a decade working within the SCI community, Robyn has access to information and tools to help you and your partner navigate your claim, deal with paperwork and more. Visit her website at brainandspinelaw.com as well as the WAGS of SCI website under the “legal resources” tab.