WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast - Ep. 44 - Taboo Topic: We Interview A Devotee

In this podcast, we love to dive into topics that not many people like to discuss openly. This is a huge part of awareness in the disability community, and we are happy to be vessels of curiosity! This episode we address the taboo topic of “Devotees” in the community of Spinal Cord Injury by interviewing Rebecca, a young woman who considers herself a Devotee.

So what exactly is a Devotee? There are many definitions of this circulating online, many highlighting people who are “physically and sexually attracted to someone with a disability.” While there are plenty of negative horror stories online surrounding Devotees, there are not many positive accounts of what it is like to BE a devotee or live the devotee lifestyle. Who are these people and why are they hiding in the shadows?

A few months ago in another podcast episode, we discussed a negative experience we had with a Devotee in the WAGS of SCI community who were grooming and harassing followers of ours in order to satisfy a fetish. This was the only experience we had with this kind of instance, so we were understandably defensive and shocked to say the least. We are protective of our followers, so we proceeded to warn people about the dangers online when it comes to disabled fetishes. Shortly after that episode aired, we received an email from a listener named Rebecca, asking us if we were open to hearing another perspective about being a Devotee from one who actually WAS one – another account of this lifestyle that was positive, and allowed room for more awareness and acceptance. She was sick of hearing about all the negative fetish horror stories that shined a less than flattering light on her dating preferences. We were intrigued, and decided we wanted to talk to her ourselves and learn more about her and her thoughts, feelings and experiences. …

This episode is all about frank discussion, curiosity and opening your mind. We know that this topic is triggering for many, and we understand the misconceptions that come along with a discussion like this. We ask you as our listeners to keep an open mind and listen.. you may learn a lot. We know we did! So join us as we delve into what a Devotee is, Rebecca’s feelings around who she is attracted to and why, and her opinions around dating men in wheelchairs. You will NOT want to miss this eye opening jaw dropping episode!

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