WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast - Ep. 20 - Making Changes Through Self Awareness with Kindi Gill

“To get good at dealing with negative experiences is to get good at dealing with life because our struggles determine our successes.” – Kindi Gill

This episode hosts Elena and Brooke talk to Kindi Gill, a family transformation specialist who they met during a radio show appearance in Vancouver. The women heard her speaking and immediately knew that she needed to come on the WAGS of SCI Podcast and discuss her inspiring role, profession and experiences.

Kindi grew up in Kent UK, and was a Chartered Accountant – soon rising in the ranks of the corporate world to Finance Director of one of the UK’s top Accounting firms. From there, she soon became the firm’s CEO, responsible for 3000 staff. She was enjoying a great deal of success in her career when her world was shaken to the core and everything suddenly changed. In 2005, Kindi’s beloved younger sister was paralyzed from the chest down just weeks before they were due to compete in the London Marathon together. This heartache left her searching for answers to help her manage the chaos that ensued in her life following stages of deep depression…

From Kindi “My relationship with my husband was disintegrating at great speed too, under the pressure of the move to a new country, and my lack of motivation to step back into the old treadmill of life. I had lost faith in the human body, after seeing my sister’s life tragically altered. I had lost faith in relationships, watching my own falling apart. I had lost faith in concepts of material success, feeling empty handed, knowing the American dream of money had left me feeling I had nothing else to conquer. Desperate for answers to my questions “What is the point of suffering”? “How do I get out of my inner angst?” I scoured hungrily through every book I could find to fix my life. I entered the realm of self-help books, and this took me into a new path, more in the direction of psychology and something I refer to as “Inward self discovery and new leadership”- which I now recognize as conscious leadership principles.”

Kindi soon discovered (by accident) The Dalian Method, a system of healing from within created by Mada Dalian – and soon after found so much relief in her own life that she spent the next 7 years training to be a facilitator in the method in order to help others.

“I saw that life is not a set of random events, but instead it is being created by our thoughts, hidden deep within the cells of our body. I realized that life does not happen to me, it happens through me! I am not a victim of my life’s circumstances, but that I am a channel that allows life to be expressed through me, so that I might heal into greater self awareness , grow in consciousness and find unity, self-love and compassion.”

Listen as Kindi applies her knowledge and experience to caregivers and people who have sustained Spinal Cord Injuries, and find out how you can change your life and improve your relationship while finding healing by becoming more in tune with your highest self. Let’s face it – as caregivers to partners with SCI, this life can drain us if we do not invest our energy into ourselves and our own emotional wellbeing. If only one person or caregiver is inspired by Kindi’s message to change their life, then this episode has fulfilled its role.

Kindi Gill’s website and more about The Dalian Method: https://kindigill.com/about/ or email her at info@sparkexpansion.com

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