Elizabeth and John are from Memphis Tennessee

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Hi WAGS! My name is Elizabeth Simpson, I have been trying to find the time to type this up and today seems like the perfect day (4/8/2019).. the 6 year anniversary of my husband ‘s car accident that left him paralyzed (T8 incomplete paraplegic). My husband’s name is John, and we have a beautiful 6 year old little girl, whom I had before John and I met. We met about 2 ½ years after his injury and have been inseparable since, we got married 5/27/2018 (almost to our 1 year anniversary!). John was driving down a windy back road when he over corrected and flipped his Tahoe, he was ejected through the windshield after a couple flips and landed in the middle of the road. God was with him through the whole thing, no other vehicle came other than the person who found him, who thankfully saw him and helped (without running over him). He was air lifted to Memphis, TN (we live near Jackson, TN) where they found he had 3 spots bleeding in his brain in addition to his SCI. Fast forward to today, he has his Bachelor degree which he obtained in 2018 and is working full time, we have bought our own home. He has such a positive outlook on life and is one of the happiest people you will meet! We are hoping to expand our family soon, but will deal with those obstacles when we feel we are ready for another little munchkin running around. We love to go fishing, especially in our kayaks and we love going bowling. I am so grateful for this group of such strong women! We can’t wait to see what our future holds!

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