Ashley Kurtz Eagan is the WAGS of SCI Ambassador in Philadelphia


Kiel and I began planning our wedding a few months after our engagement. After some searching we found the most perfect venue. It was 100% accessible and just a perfect fit for is both. In a small town like ours it was few and far between to find a venue that was accessible. We spent months planning our big day, and when the day arrived it was beyond perfect. Our wedding was a dream come true for us both.

Our church ceremony was incredible and beautiful in so many ways. Each detail was lined out perfectly. Our celebration began in the church, where I could feel the love radiating from all those who were there. Our church is accessible to get in and out but they had a ramp installed on the side so that Kiel and I could both be on the altar. That was such a special moment for me, knowing that I was able to connect in our beautiful church with my soon to be husband.

It’s hard to try and plan things (wedding or other events) and work around places that are not accessible. Just the fact that our church worked so hard to make our day special was such a blessing. From the ceremony we went to our beautiful venue.

We took a limo that Kiel had to transfer into and then someone followed behind with his wheelchair. Just another moment in our day that even though it wasn’t accessible, people worked to make it accessible and work for him. At the venue we took such wonderful photos (totally can’t wait to see them!!!) the sunlight and weather was perfect, and just be able to bond together as husband and wife before the rest of the guests arrived.

I am in awe of how perfect our day was. I can’t say this enough! We danced the night away, shared a special moment with our first dance and it truly felt like nobody else was in the room. I felt so much love from Kiel, and at that moment that’s all that mattered to me. Our day was stitched together by so many people. Kiel says it takes a village and wow, that certainly rang true on our wedding day. I cannot express how perfect our day truly was.

One thing that really stuck with me was something our priest said, and it was “always look past the limitations and truly look into your partners soul, it will be then that you truly connect to them.” As a WAG, we always have certain instances where things can be tough, especially with so many places/things being inaccessible. But it was at that moment, I really was hit that love truly does conquer all. I wouldn’t want this life with anyone else, and I’m forever grateful for how special our day was.