Love Stories

Love Stories Of Unique Couples From Around The World.

Falon + Ryan

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Falon + Ryan are from Ohio “First, let me begin by thanking you for giving us the opportunity to tell you as well as so many others our story. I met Ryan on a dating website in 2013. She has been paralyzed since 1995 from a diving accident. So she has been paralyzed since ive […]

Andrea + Chad

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Andrea and Chad are from Goodhue, Minnesota! “This is my husband.  He is my best friend and the person who keeps me sane. No one else in the world can make me laugh like he does, nor does ANYONE else laugh at my jokes like he does. Chad teaches me daily to be grateful and […]

Monica + Glen

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“Hi!  My name is Monica and my husband is Glen – we’re the Dicks (yes, you can laugh, we do all the time!).   In 1995, Glen had just graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture and landed his first job. A few months later, Glen was at the shore in Delaware with friends and was […]

Dan + Char

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“I am Char, my husband is Dan. We are from Salt Lake City, Utah. I always love to tell people how we met, because it always seems to make them laugh. Dan and I were set up on a blind date by his ex-girlfriend. After dating for a year and a half, we were married on […]

Maria + John’s Wedding Story

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My parents always taught me the importance of love, union and respect. Even though they mentioned HOW AMAZING THAT FELT for them! I have never thought that I was able to feel that after having so many traumatic relationships. BUT I was wrong, I’m 26 years old Venezuelan who decided to give a chance to […]

Melysse + Kyle

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Meet Melysse + Kyle from Pueblo, Colorado “Kyle and I met in 2011 at a bar, when we were both living in Hawaii. Classy! We moved back to the mainland and settled in Breckenridge Colorado and were married in 2012. Kyle was riding his dirt bike and hit a tree, fracturing his c4 vertebrae in […]

Liv + Noah

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Meet Liv and her boyfriend Noah from Cedar Hills, Utah! “Noah and I met a little over a year ago online. He was in a motorcycle accident August 5 2016 that left him a paraplegic He had just moved to Utah from Michigan to be on the US Paralympic bobsled team when we started talking. […]