WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast
WAGS of SCI: The Podcast - Ep. 98 - Words Of Encouragement From Fellow WAGS

After overcoming a time of trauma or stress, everyone has that one moment where everything starts to change for them – that moment where they receive an insight, a quote, a letter, wisdom or advice from someone (or something) outside of themselves that helps to start to pull them out of their current state of stress and set them on the path of healing and growth or transmutation. We decided to post about this on the private group and the responses we received were worth sharing (anonymously of course). We always say that NO one knows more about recovering from times of trauma and resilience like a WAG of SCI who has BEEN THERE and DONE THAT. We invite you, as well as any NEW followers of WAGS of SCI to tune in and listen to insights from other women like YOU who have been through hell and come out the other side stronger and more powerful humans. We hope you enjoy the wise words from our amazing insightful group members.

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