An exclusive online fitness program designed just for someone with a spinal cord injury that you can do anywhere!

PLUS FREE Nutritional Coaching For WAGS of SCI

We are super proud to have a brand new member of the official WAGS of SCI Girl Gang - Megan Williamson, founder of Ocean Insiders Club, an online SCI Fitness and Health Coaching company. We know her well and are so excited for her to be providing her amazing services to our network.

We all know keeping up with fitness after SCI can be challenging, that is why she has designed a program and accountability system for use anywhere.. home, gym and outdoors. We also know how hard it is to give YOURSELF as a WAG time devoted to your own self care. So we thought, why not combine these two important elements of SCI and caregiving! We wanted people who do not have access to her in Vancouver to be able to train and get in shape anywhere in the world.

Megan has years of experience training Spinal Cord Injured clients and now her workout programs and modules are now available online so you can use them anywhere in the world. She also is a certified Nutrition Coach who knows all about balancing self care and nutrition with a busy caregivers lifestyle.

Ocean Insider Club is an exclusive online fitness resource for those living with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. Our exercises and workout programs are tailored with efficiency and accessibility in mind, as well as following the international exercise guidelines for spinal cord injury. Whether you have access to a public gym, or you plan to work out at home, there are dozens of exercises and programs for everyone, no matter what your limitations may be.

Watch this quick intro video to learn more about Megan and what she is doing for the SCI community!


What He'll Get With This Online Workout/Coaching Program:

  • One initial introductory set up call with founder and head coach Megan Williamson
  • Clear instructions on warm up and stretching exercises to decrease pain and improve flexibility
  • Access to carefully tailored at home and gym- workout programs for all different abilities and goals
  • Monthly check in calls with Megan to track your fitness progress and keep accountability
  • Trainer Tip Videos to accompany you throughout your exercises at home or at the gym

What YOU Will Get When He Signs Up:

WAGS of SCI Nutritional Coaching And Support

  • One 15 min 'check in' call with Megan via Zoom (through Ocean Insider Club) per month to go over anything the WAGS wants with regards to nutrition, quick and nutritious food prep, eating for your body type, dropping body fat, improving energy levels, etc.
  • Email correspondence weekly for any additional questions or support they may have for me.


Full access to Ocean Insider Club programs for 1 month

One 15-minute Trainer on Demand session

Cancel anytime

FREE WAGS of SCI Nutritional Coaching And Support


$210 billed bi-annually

14% discount from the monthly plan

Full access to programs for 6 months

6 Trainer on Demand sessions (15 minutes per month)

FREE WAGS of SCI Nutritional Coaching And Support


$360 billed annually

25% discount from the monthly plan

Full access to everything for 1 calendar year

 12 Trainer on Demand sessions (15 minutes per month)

FREE WAGS of SCI Nutritional Coaching And Support

Ready to find out more?

Click here to visit Megan's website for more info and to sign up. Be sure to mention WAGS of SCI when you sign up!