An Anonymous Account Of One #Quadwife's Journey To Naturally Conceiving Her Baby

Hi WAGS! A #quadwife here. My husband is a C3, C4, C5 incomplete quadriplegic and it’s been nearly 15 years since his injury. After we got married, we didn’t know what our journey to getting pregnant would look like with his paralysis. I’m happy to report, he and I were able to conceive on our own without IVF, but with a little help of course.

Everyone’s journey is so different. We are not medical experts and every couple may experience different results/side effects, but here’s what helped us make a baby! A few pointers for HER and HIM.

***Always speak with your doctor and do your own research regarding questions and concerns***



  • Download the Ovia Fertility app

-Tracks ovulation, menstrual cycle and fertile windows (aka best days of the month for sexy time)

  • Ovulation Test Strips

-Purchase from drug store

-Take these during “fertile window”

-Shows negative/positive for ovulation



  • “Rhino” Male Sexual Performance Enhancement Drink

-From the lingerie boutique Skitzo Kitty in Palm Desert, CA

-Small 2 oz bottle (resembles a 5 Hour Energy shot)

-Costs approx. $15 USD per bottle (not including tax or shipping)

-He drinks half a bottle two hours before (starts with half to see how he feels)

-Helps incredibly with his performance

-Doesn’t make him nauseous and works wonders (unlike other enhancement pills he’s tried)

-He eats well and hydrates throughout the day, eats something around the time he drinks the Rhino

-Always consult with a health professional if you have any questions

-The boutique doesn’t sell this product online, but we mentioned several couples might reach out. Skitzo Kitty is happy to ship, just email them directly ** Email address: **

-Side note: I’m super awkward about going to adult toy and lingerie shops, but this one is so clean, classy (don’t mind the email address lol) and the ladies here are very helpful and sweet.


  • Handheld Muscle Massager

-The massager is what helps him ejaculate EVERY TIME (nothing else has worked for us, but this always gets the job done and he’s very proud of that)

-Placement makes all the difference for him

-Pleasurable for him and her (only use a massage level that is comfortable)

-It takes some practice, but place half of him in you and place the massager on the other half of him (This is for when you want him to ejaculate inside of you)

-Works best with woman on top

-Have him hydrate well before (my husband has experienced headaches after ejaculating, only a handful of times)

Here are the three massagers we've found work best for us. Fun Fact: The first link is for the massager that did the trick and helped us get pregnant!
Brookstone Mobile Sport Massager
Learn more:

RENPHO Rechargeable Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager
Learn more:

Brookstone Cordless Active Sport Massager
Learn more:

The combination of everything worked and we now have a sweet bundle of joy who makes our world even brighter. It took years of experimenting to find what would help my husband perform well and ejaculate. Then, when we decided we we ready to try for a baby, it took about 6 months to nail down what day of my fertile window would be successful. Surprisingly, the last day of my fertile window is when we conceived! We definitely tried not to put stress on ourselves, which can be a challenge when you’re eager to start a family. So, have fun with it and enjoy each other! Plan a date night or a romantic getaway during your fertile window. Stay positive and remember every couple’s journey is unique. Good luck!