We have recently begun fundraising for WAGS of SCI the group via the Go Fund Me platform in order to raise much needed funds to continue growing the group.

We are working on getting our official foundation status in Canada, and until then, would like to realize our dream of providing women and couples from around the world with much needed date nights, accessible vacations, and self care appointments to nourish their relationships and souls.

We have felt what it feels like to be provided with some respite, and time to relax. The stress this life brings on you and your partner can be too much to handle sometimes, and if we can help these women and couples even a little bit - we have accomplished so much.

If you feel a calling to contribute to our cause, and help to make a WAG of SCI and her partner feel loved and looked after, please follow the link below and donate to our Campaign. 100% of the funds raised will go back to the WAGS of SCI group.

Ready To Donate?

Follow the link to our official Go Fund Me campaign to help our sisterhood grow