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"Hard to condense our life - it's been going a while! Yes, we did a self drive holiday to the US in 1986 with 3 kids when hardly anything was accessible and 'winged it' ... "We met initially in 1970! Anders was able bodied and loved anything fast .. planes, cars, boats, motorcycles & snow skiing...

Had a short romance, I was young so didn't last ... A few years later, Good Friday 1973 Anders had a motorcycle accident which nearly claimed his life and left him with serious internal, shoulder and T3 complete spinal fracture dislocation, surgery to realign 3 discs and free a trapped cord impossible at that time. Mid 1974, our paths divinely crossed and in no time I was totally convinced all I wanted was to spend the rest of my life with him!

We were a young couple who had never had an intimate relationship with anyone else or each other before we married.Less than 3 months later at 21 & 24 we launched into a life full of surprises! I was told he could never father children and list of what should have been daunting prospects like possibly only living 15-20 years more! I moved 400km from my career, family & friends. It was pretty tough for me, those early decades, carrying much of the weight of all the physical needs of life. Miraculously we conceived shocking the doctors... 3 times in total!!! Blessed to be able to say we have raised well adjusted kids who love and support us both. All now married, they have given us 7 granddaughters. .

While we have had incredible mountaintops in our 44 years together there were some truly challenging valleys.
Our shared Christian faith has been our strong foundation in times of helplessness, fear, frustration or failure.
I feel so blessed to be the wife of such a strong, wise, gentle, resilent and compassionate man. He is my rock.Now to age and finish our race strongly, but not too soon. We promised ourselves for years a trip to Norway for our 40th anniversary. Debilitating, overwhelming nerve pain for years has been a deep valley and in desperation surgery to deal with complications from the original injury was attempted & has helped." - Julie

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