Jeannette and Apkar Cabo 1


Hi beautiful community,

I’m Jeannette Krikorian, co-ambassador of Los Angeles – San Gabriel Valley!

My husband, Apkar (C5-C6 quad), and I recently flew solo for the first time post-injury (~3 years) to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary! I was pretty nervous and anxious leading up to the trip however, we had THE BEST time! Of course, I followed travel tips from my fellow WAGS of SCI so I felt prepared. This was a HUGE milestone for us, as we used to travel all the time before injury and the last time was when he got injured in Hawaii so there were lots of mixed emotions. Anyway, I wanted to share with you all pictures & information about our travel experience. *Disclaimer: We did not leave the resort as we are not the type to do so (lol) and we also didn’t partake in any activities. We essentially just wanted to relax and enjoy our all-inclusive stay! ;)*

Booking: We decided to book via Costco Travel (which we LOVE) to better coordinate the flight, transportation to the hotel, and hotel reservation details. Through a Costco agent, we were able to secure a wheelchair accessible private vehicle to take us from the airport to our hotel. It did cost extra but we thought it was worth it! 

Flight: We called Delta Airlines well before our trip to ensure that we coordinated assistance for boarding on and off the plane. I know this may be given but we will be doing this every time we travel. They also upgraded our seats to have more leg space. SCORE!

Resort: We stayed at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort: It is an all-inclusive, adults only resort and it is as gorgeous in person as it is in pictures! Similar to Delta, we called in advance to ensure that we would get ONE out of the TWO ADA rooms they had available. Through calling other hotels, we learned that not every hotel in Cabo had ADA rooms since the laws are different in Mexico so we were happy they had rooms! We also reiterated this HUGE detail to a Costco travel agent (again having one point person/agency to help coordinate details was super helpful). In terms of the resort itself, most of it was accessible. Our room had a roll-in shower and a floating sink. The balcony was also accessible (it just had a small lip). It did have two beds but at the end of the day we didn’t mind. The staff was also ready to help and was just beyond hospitable so we were very happy! Of course, there were some areas of restaurants that had stairs but there was always accessible seating inside. Also, the beach wasn’t accessible OR swimmable though so we felt like we weren’t really missing out. Further, the pool did not have a lift but this also wasn’t the biggest deal for us. Here are some pictures:

All in all, we had such an amazing time, THANK GOD.  I’m excited to continue exploring the world and look forward to seeing and learning about where you other WAGS visit too! - Jeannette