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WAGS of SCI: The Podcast – Ep. 40 – Ashley Lyerla PART 2

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Join us for the completion of our interview with Ashley Lyerla, wife of Veteran Jake and mother to Liberty. In part two we focus on Ashley’s journey to motherhood, and how she endured multiple failed IVF treatments until deciding on double donors to conceive Liberty. Learn her thoughts and feelings around the process, and how […]

WAGS of SCI: The Podcast – Ep 39 – Ashley Lyerla PART 1

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Meet Ashley Lyerla from Indiana: new mom to Liberty, wife to Veteran Jake, Ambassador and SCI/Caregiver advocate. Her life is something to be admired, but it was not always domestic bliss. Ashley has struggled with her mental health since her traumatic childhood, and has always been fiercely open about her battles. Join us as we […]

WAGS of SCI: The Podcast – Ep. 36 – 2021.. New Year, New Opportunities

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Join hosts Brooke and Elena as they discuss their views on how 2021 can be a year of opportunities and growth for all. Enjoy the newest segment of this season of The Podcast where the women share inspirational, transformational and enlightening quotes or writings that they come across once weekly with one another. Learn how […]

WAGS of SCI: The Podcast – Ep. 35 – Happy Holidays From Your WAGS of SCI!

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Join hosts Brooke and Elena for a happy hour discussion of the holiday season! The women discuss their perfect cocktail/holiday beverages, the famous “Quad Shake Eliminator” Canadian Hot Toddy recipe, food and some interesting dinner ideas. They talk about their thoughts on how different this year’s holiday season is due to Covid-19, and their perspectives […]