What Are Your Feelings Trying To Tell You In Times Of Turmoil?

Hi WAGS! It’s Brooke here 🙂 I know its been a long time since we have posted anything on this blog, and that’s going to change. Elena and I are going to start posting more frequently on here and sharing our thoughts with you all because it’s important during this time of turmoil in the […]

Kassandra Jensen + Eric Howk

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Meet Kassandra and Eric, from Seattle! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Eric and I first met. It was sometime in Seattle in 2005. There was never a formal meeting or anything specific that we can recall; we simply floated in the same social pools and lived in the same neighborhoods. He was a musician […]

Caregivers Awareness Month: Ashley + Kiel’s Wedding

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Ashley Kurtz Eagan is the WAGS of SCI Ambassador in Philadelphia Kiel and I began planning our wedding a few months after our engagement. After some searching we found the most perfect venue. It was 100% accessible and just a perfect fit for is both. In a small town like ours it was few and […]

Elizabeth + John

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Elizabeth and John are from Memphis Tennessee Hi WAGS! My name is Elizabeth Simpson, I have been trying to find the time to type this up and today seems like the perfect day (4/8/2019).. the 6 year anniversary of my husband ‘s car accident that left him paralyzed (T8 incomplete paraplegic). My husband’s name is […]

International WAGS of SCI Day Is November 4th

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SET THE DATE! International WAGS of SCI Day Of Celebration is November 4th 2019! It’s time to celebrate YOU. WAGS of SCI Day is a special day to honour, support and recognize the WAGS of SCI worldwide with a whole day devoted to YOU. Think about it like a cross between your birthday and valentines […]

Stephanie + Andy

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Stephanie and Andy are from South Dakota, USA “My husband Andy and I met in 2009 through his roommate. We moved from South Dakota to Fort Collins, Colorado shortly after, married in 2013 and welcomed our son Beckett in 2017. Andy works full time as a web developer outside the home and I stay home […]