Pandemic or the SCI Life

By Elena Pauly, Co-Founder, WAGS of SCI   For the first time in a long time, our planet is moving through a major shift. The quickness of it all is coming to a quick stillness. It feels as though last week, we were all moving through our daily lives monotonously. Going to work, grocery shopping, […]

What Are Your Feelings Trying To Tell You In Times Of Turmoil?

Hi WAGS! It’s Brooke here 🙂 I know its been a long time since we have posted anything on this blog, and that’s going to change. Elena and I are going to start posting more frequently on here and sharing our thoughts with you all because it’s important during this time of turmoil in the […]

Kassandra Jensen + Eric Howk

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Meet Kassandra and Eric, from Seattle! It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when Eric and I first met. It was sometime in Seattle in 2005. There was never a formal meeting or anything specific that we can recall; we simply floated in the same social pools and lived in the same neighborhoods. He was a musician […]

Caregivers Awareness Month: Ashley + Kiel’s Wedding

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Ashley Kurtz Eagan is the WAGS of SCI Ambassador in Philadelphia Kiel and I began planning our wedding a few months after our engagement. After some searching we found the most perfect venue. It was 100% accessible and just a perfect fit for is both. In a small town like ours it was few and […]

Elizabeth + John

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Elizabeth and John are from Memphis Tennessee Hi WAGS! My name is Elizabeth Simpson, I have been trying to find the time to type this up and today seems like the perfect day (4/8/2019).. the 6 year anniversary of my husband ‘s car accident that left him paralyzed (T8 incomplete paraplegic). My husband’s name is […]